In 2016 at TRANSLOG Connect Blulog the French-Polish company won the 4th CEE Logistics and Supply Chain Excellence Award in the solution provider category!


Blulog is a fast-growing company specialized in wireless, and affordable temperature monitoring solutions for both the transport and storage of temperature-sensitive products. Among the proposed solutions, they can count: NFC data loggers (for monitoring of temperature-sensitive products during transport and whose data are readable with a simple smartphone) and Radio Frequency systems (for real-time monitoring of temperature-sensitive products during storage, providing alerts via SMS or email).

The company is already well established in France, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and already has nearly 30 distributors and integrators covering Europe. Founded in 2014, the company wants to conquer new markets and export its simple and practical solutions, especially in the American and Asian regions. Blulog’s NFC solutions are particularly suitable for worldwide transport and logistics, as they rely on an universal standard and applicable to all transport modes. To learn more about the award winning project we asked Jérémy Laurens Sales and Marketing Director, Blulog:

 What was the innovation within your project which made you win the award? How did this contribute to your client's success?

Jérémy Laurens  "As cold chain breaches may lead to significant losses, our client needed a solution that not only would provide a precise and continuous temperature monitoring but also that would enable them to save the time and means dedicated to fulfil the necessary manual procedures relative to everyday temperature monitoring and reporting.The solution implemented allowed to meet the highest quality requirements regarding:

- real-time, remote and simultaneous functionalities 
- immediate alerts in case of temperature excursions 
- tiny, convenient devices that could be installed quickly and in a simple way 
- system compliant with the HACCP regulations 
- access to the historical data and reports 
- large memory of measurements and long autonomy of devices 
calibrated devices 

Our company is also the first and for now the only one to propose devices that combine two technologies: RF and NFC.

NFC + RF data loggers send data to the hubs connected to the Internet through WiFi, thanks to which the installation is as easy as possible, without the need of drilling or wires. Hubs send the collected data to the cloud which allows the users to monitor the measures parameters in real time, set alerts in case of cold chain breach or access the graphs and PDF reports using our free application called BluConsole.

Moreover, Blulog has developed complex solutions dedicated to particular sectors and based on NFC and/or RF systems, such as the Coldfinder, E-commerce, BluRoad or Blutrack. As the possible evolutions are conceptual, the final shape and application will depend on the users' needs."

In your opinion, how is the project supporting the developments of logistics in the CEE region?

Jérémy Laurens  "Our solutions bring innovation to the logistics sector, which allows for the companies to become more efficient and reliable. Thanks to Blulog's systems the services provided by logistics agents are also more cost-effective and transparent. This gives an advantage to companies from the CEE region wanting to enter western markets."

 From your perspective, which are the biggest challenges in the logistics field the CEE region is facing?

How are you supporting your clients to overcome them?

Jérémy Laurens  "As the competition in the logistics field grows bigger, companies must come up with new, innovative solutions, tailored to each client's needs in order to stand out from other logistics service providers. Apart from the in-time delivery, every company involved in the supply chain has to adopt means to assure the transparency of the entire transportation and storage process. Regarding the fact that many logistics agents have operations spread on the whole globe, giving their clients the visibility in real time is particularly difficult.

"Another vital question is to have a proof of maintaining correct conditions during the logistics process, which assures the quality of goods, and removes the burden of responsibility in case of returned items or heath issues.

The companies from logistics sector have also to deal with more and more stringent regulations regarding the quality and safety of their services.

Our systems, fully compliant with the HACCP and other regulations, enable companies to propose new solutions to their clients and to make themselves distinct from the competitors. Thanks to the technology developed by Blulog the logistics agents are more transparent and reliable, giving the possibility to monitor assets 24/7 in the real-time. Alert systems make easier to act quickly if there are temperature or humidity problems, which enables to minimize losses during transport and storage. Implementation of our loggers is less time-consuming than other solutions, already existing on the market."

How do you think the recognition is helping you to raise your brand awareness further?

Jérémy Laurens  "TRANSLOG Connect is one of the leading events dedicated to the logistics sector in the CEE region. It is a honour for Blulog to take part in this Congress, that draws together so many companies. Although we are already well established in Poland, TRANSLOG gives us the perfect opportunity to become more recognizable in other countries of the CEE region. It is also an ideal chance to enlarge our professional network, share and exchange information with other companies involved in the logistics sector."

 Are you planning to attend TRANSLOG again next year?

Jérémy Laurens  "Yes, if there is such possibility, we are planning to participate in the event next year."


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