In 2022 at TRANSLOG Connect GoRamp won the 9th CEE Logistics and Supply Chain Excellence Award in the solution provider category!


Prior to launching GoRamp, Jevgenij Polonis (CEO and Co-Founder of GoRamp) worked as a sales key account manager for one of Lithuania's largest transportation businesses, where he was in charge of CEE and Western Europe manufacturing accounts. While working there, he realized that enterprises have the time and resources to develop their own logistics systems.

However, 85% of the market (SMEs) has the same contract/order management, warehouse scheduling, resource planning, and budget controlling difficulties as enterprises, but will never be able to develop solutions on their own and resolve them by paying a monthly subscription.

Companies such as Continental, Pfizer, Thermofisher, DHL, and many others use GoRamp’s software to decrease warehouse delays, save money on driver wait time and employee overtime, streamline contract administration procedures and avoid increased budget charges.

Their objective is to create a platform that assists shippers in making proactive decisions throughout the shipment cycle.To bring real value to SMEs logistics departments by using logistics and IT know-how was the main reason why they decided to go for a startup venture and build a company.

  What was the innovation within your project which made you win the award? How did this contribute to your client's success?

Jevgenij Polonis  "Industry digitalization is still in a growing stage, which means that we need to start with small steps and try to innovate by changing current processes as much as possible.

The simplicity of the product hides our project's potential and uniqueness. Without the assistance of IT, each manufacturing organization can digitize all processes and integrate them with other systems. It results in the company’s own system, which is designed by us. SaaS delivers the most innovation to the business because it is both entirely adaptable and economical, allowing you to set up everything in hours and onboard all coworkers within a day.

Based on Schoeller's feedback, they launched the warehouse scheduling module within two days, and after two weeks of trial, they had already saved money on penalties, avoided additional working hours for warehouse personnel (increased their satisfaction), and had full traceability of warehouse dock occupancy. When procedures run well, not just the warehouse operator, but also the company's customers, partners, and stakeholders, take notice.

The finest compliment we can receive is when a customer applies the GoRamp solution in other locations."

  In your opinion how is the award supporting the developments of logistics in the CEE region?

Jevgenij Polonis "Education regarding SaaS products and their additional value was a challenge in the CEE region. 99% of organizations in the US logistics sector now use SaaS for their processes. Here in CEE companies are still afraid of using SaaS. GoRamp contributes significantly to market education, which aids in the development of the logistics sector.

One of the significant game changers in the region is the idea of not employing the entire software infrastructure with dozens of useless functions, but only those modules that are relevant. Companies do not need to design their own solutions; they simply select the required modules and begin utilizing them within a few days. We feel that GoRamp's impact on improving digitalization in the region's SMEs will be critical in the next years.

Now we work with companies from 19 different countries, we bring the best experiences from abroad (US, Canada) and act not only as software suppliers but also as consultants for the companies to bring them best practices on how to solve challenges."

  From your perspective, which are the biggest challenges in the logistics field the CEE region is facing? How are you supporting your clients to overcome them?

Jevgenij Polonis "Manufacturing and retail organizations continue to struggle to accept that there are alternatives to developing their own logistics infrastructure.

Simultaneously, digitization was never a top priority because businesses could manage their self-cost of products through other aspects. However, we are seeing an increase in energy prices and labor costs, and digitization is one of the few ways organizations can optimize their processes.

As previously stated, we do not sell the whole software package with all potential modules at once. We assist our customers in gradually adjusting to the modules while also consulting and teaching them on other potential market optimizations/best practices. This allows them to feel at ease and in a timely manner."

  How do you think the recognition is helping you to raise your brand awareness further?

Jevgenij Polonis  "This is tremendous gratitude and support. Transog Connect is one of the region's most prestigious events for the supply chain community. We believe that the victory will help to give prospects to organizations suffering similar challenges as Schoeller Allibert, and that we will be able to assist in their resolution." 

  Are you planning to apply for the award again in the future?

Jevgenij Polonis  "Definitely yes."

  Are you planning to attend TRANSLOG again next year?

Jevgenij Polonis  "We see TRANSLOG Connect as one of the leading events for the Supply Chain experts community in Western Europe. We anticipate making significant and useful contacts for our business development. The prospect of developing collaborations appears to be very promising."


If you think your solution is cutting-edge and should be recognized by the industry, apply for the 10th CEE Logistics & Supply Chain Management Excellence Award and put your business in the spotlight by presenting your solution at the upcoming TRANSLOG Connect Congress!



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