We interviewed Arkadiusz Glinka, Director of Transportation Eastern Europe at C.H. Robinson to learn more about his presentation at TRANSLOG 2017.

“The power of the 3PL - shipper relationship”

Furthermore he explains how C.H. Robinson is preparing for increasing digitalization and the expansion plans in Eastern Europe: 

C.H. Robinson is attending TRANSLOG Connect for the 6th time, what are your expectations this year?

Arkadiusz Glinka  "C.H. Robinson is looking forward to connect with current, and new contacts at this year’s TRANSLOG Connect event. We have had the opportunity to build great relationships with contacts from this event over the past few years, and we are looking to continue with this success which TRANSLOG Connect has provided us."

C.H. Robinson is a key sponsor of TRANSLOG Connect and you will give a keynote presentation with the title: The power of the 3PL - shipper relationship.

Why have you selected this topic?

Arkadiusz Glinka  "Like any outsourced partnership to a service and technology provider, such as a 3PL relationship, it is vital that all sides are on the same page and speaking the same language in the way of goals, desired outcomes, strategy, and execution for whatever the customer and the outsource provider are trying to achieve. The basic problem is that shippers or suppliers do not believe 3PLs are being innovative enough – one key factor is that shippers often tend to keep the 3PL at ‘arm’s length’, and there is not enough collaboration, transparency and trust. Limiting the 3PLs access to information that might enable them to find opportunities for areas of improvement. We are welcoming this speaking opportunity, to give us, as a 3PL, the chance to show what the strengths of a good collaborative relationship can entail."

What other solutions and services are you planning to introduce at TRANSLOG Connect?

Arkadiusz Glinka  "We are planning to highlight our newly opened transportation offices in Eastern Europe, more specifically in Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Romania. Furthermore, we are focussing on full truckload services across Europe, and our strategic core trade lanes. We are also focussing on expanding our LTL/Groupage services across Europe. Additionally, other than our road transportation services, we will focus on our global air and ocean services."

 How do you prepare your company for increasing digitalization?

Arkadiusz Glinka  "Our world is increasingly connected by digital networks, but we have to realise that there are still significant political, economic, and cultural changes between territories. Companies have to be able to adapt to these ever changing global environment quickly and efficiently in order to manage every aspect of their supply chain. That is why, we at C.H. Robinson believe global transport operators require a robust single global technology platform and reporting tools that can handle the various interactions, which comprise global supply chains.  By working closely with a 3PL that has global reach and state of the art technology, organisations have access to Transportation Management Systems (TMS) that automate day-to-day processes, providing them with greater efficiencies in their supply chains, as well as greater levels of optimisation. C.H. Robinson’s single global TMS, Navisphere® is available through licensing agreements or cloud computing.  It can provide shippers with global visibility into the details of every shipment, and can help manage bids for any method of transport, anywhere in the world and coordinate contracts, procurement, rates, tenders, and schedules. If a TMS is used effectively it can identify and tackle inefficiencies."

Are you planning to expand further in Central and Eastern Europe?  

What is your vision about growth?

Arkadiusz Glinka  "As mentioned before, we had a short term plan to develop our presence in Eastern Europe over the last year through organic growth. The most recent offices were opened in Bratislava, Slovakia, Prague, Czech Republic, and Bucharest, Romania, all within the set goal of one year. We are continuing to evaluate our strengths in each region, and we do not eliminate any opportunities for further growth in the region.

Growth is good to gain marketshare, but our focus is to become an excellent service provider with the resources and services we have available, before we move on to the next venture."


Arkadiusz Glinka, Director of Transportation, Eastern Europe, C.H. Robinson

Arkadiusz Glinka, Director of Transportation at C.H. Robinson has over 17 years of experience in logistics and supply chain management. Arkadiusz has been in various management roles focusing on a variety of business areas.  In 2012, Apreo Logistics, where Glinka was CEO, was acquired by C.H. Robinson – one of the world’s largest logistics companies. Since the acquisition, Glinka has served on C.H. Robinson Europe B.V.’s board of directors, and is leading the Eastern European divisions of C.H. Robinson. 

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