In 2022 at TRANSLOG Connect Agroveco won the 9th CEE Logistics and Supply Chain Excellence Award in the manufacturer category!


Jorge Guillén Rangil holds the position as Export Director at AGROVECO, a producer of animal-feed. He began the internationalization of the Company 12 years ago, when he was just 25, exporting currently the products in more than 50 Countries through the five continents. The biggest challenge is to have achieved its brand of horse-feed, EquusLine, becoming one of the leader brands all over the Middle-East. The main elite horses, Royal Cavalries and prestigious stables from the Gulf are using this brand. This fast expansion led Agroveco to be awarded the Exporter Company of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce in 2016. As well as finalist in the DHL EXPORT AWARDS at national level in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2022.

Jorge's educational background has always been linked to International Business and Logistics. He studied his first degree in International Business and Logistics in Spain and Hungary, followed by another degree in Labour Relations linked to the international field. Later, he graduated in Dundee (Scotland) a Bachelor with Honours Degree in International Management. To finish, he accomplished a Master Degree in International Business in the University of Nantes (France). Jorge strongly believes an excellent coordination of logistic and supply chain is crucial in order to develop a sustainable and successful internationalization.

  Which challenges have you addressed in the project which won the award?

Jorge Guillén Rangil  "Implementing the vacuum hermetic system of packacking for our wide range means to do something nobody else is doing on the market. Furthermore, this technology developed for us allows to print directly on such bags, allowing us a high flexibility regarding products, being able to attend certain tenders and having a final product where the importer data, details and language is printed on the bags being part of it. Totally integrated. Otherwise such information shall be added with added stickers. This is also exclusive from our packaging line."

  What were the major achievements after the project had been implemented?

Jorge Guillén Rangil  "Being able to export in the warmest summer on the last decades without suffering a single problem with weebils, fermentation or other insects. Neither in Europe nor in further areas.

Our product has finally become highly attractive for clients in the difficult Central and Eastern European market, historically dominated by the big brands from Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. Being almost impossible to find a differenciation on the product itself (the feed), we have found the differenciation for our product on the supply chain through providing such special packaging system. One of our biggest achievements related to this is being chosen by Decathlon as their exclusive brand for horses and dogs. Starting in Hungary as their first market."

  In your opinion how is the award supporting the developments of logistics in the CEE region?

Jorge Guillén Rangil  "Being recognized with this award means something extremelly important for us that we are proud of. At the end, we are an agricultural Cooperative Company which started our exports just 12 years ago, when we were 32 employees.

We could have never imagined to be here today.

Regarding our business, this is highly positive because it means trust to our clients and potential importers. Competing with the biggest corporation on our field means that many of the potential clients in new markets do not know about us. Showing that we have been awarded by the most important Logistic and Supply Chain Congress in CEE is a perfect presentation card. It opens many doors."

  Which are the biggest challenges your department is currently facing?

What type of new solutions or methods are you planning to introduce in your current and upcoming project?

Jorge Guillén Rangil  "The biggest challenges we are currently facing are related to the lack or delay on raw material deliveries, its price fluctuation, the logistic uncertain situation with containers and the increasing protective barriers in certain markets. When we thought the World was on the way to be more and more open and Global, we feel there is being a strong recesion on this. As an example, Russia and China."

  Are you planning to apply for the award again in the future?

Jorge Guillén Rangil  "Sure, being an agricultural Company we have a growing mentality and our improvements and investments are part of our philosophy about how to work."

  Are you planning to attend TRANSLOG again next year?

Jorge Guillén Rangil  "Definitelly. We are attending the Congress during the last 4 editions and it is always interesting. Both, for the conferences and panel discussions, and also for the networking related to different logistic and supply chain solutions we can find here."


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