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Interview with the award winner L-mobile Group at the 7th TRANSLOG Connect Congress

Interview with the award winner L-mobile Group at the 7th TRANSLOG Connect Congress

In 2017 at TRANSLOG Connect L-mobile Group an international software developing company won the 5th CEE Logistics and Supply Chain Excellence Award in the solution provider category! 

L-mobile Group is an international software developing company with strong logistic and manufacturing focus. In their 16 years history their made more than 1,000 projects in this field and they have integrated their solutions with more than 20 ERP system. After implementation, L-mobile clients are able to work faster, more efficiently, save costs and enjoy greater process reliability. This project at thyssenkrupp Ferroglobus was managed entirely by our Hungarian experts.

To learn more about the award winning project we interviewed András Szoboszlay Head of Sales, L-mobile: 


TEG: What was the innovation within your project which made you win the award? How did this contribute to your client’s success? 

András Szoboszlay: GPS based fleet management solutions are already widely used by the transportation companies. But GPS is working reliably only outdoor. The indoor positioning is something different. Innovation number 1 was the real time location system what we have implemented at thyssenkrupp Ferroglobus. Innovation number 2 was the planning and scheduling algorithm what we have used to optimize the sequence the loading and unloading jobs. Innovation number 3 was the intelligent connection of different data sources, (software’s, databases, xls sheets etc.) The most important success factor for our client was the visibility and control over the yard status. “You can’t control what you can’t measure”.  We have delivered a complex software and hardware tool the measure the movements, actions within the yard or facility.

TEG: In your opinion, how is the project supporting the developments of logistics in the CEE region?

András Szoboszlay: When the customer asked for a solution from us, first we made a short market study, what kinds of TYM solution are available in Hungary? We found that in North America there are many, but in Europe there are few similar solution provider company. Even less with identical approach what thyssenkrupp Ferroglobus shared with us. If you operate with 20-30 loading/docking station with more than 30-40 truck daily you can have substantial saving using our L-mobile trailer yard management system. The real time status of the trucks can be reported also to the transportation company (owner of the truck) which can plan more reliable the custom/tax control procedures, the arrival time of truck back to base etc. This way we can provide a fully connected network of information’s to each interested party in the supply chain process.

TEG: From your perspective, which are the biggest challenges in the logistics field the CEE region is facing? How are you supporting your clients to overcome them?

András Szoboszlay: We live in a connected world. As an IT company we help our customers to establish connection and communication of different segments within their supply chain workflow.  We see increasing demand on the market to mobile applications and business intelligence solutions. All of our projects have the same major ROI factors: reduce time of administration, increasing visibility, establishing real time information flow.

TEG: How do you think the recognition is helping you to raise your brand awareness further?

András Szoboszlay: The TRANSLOG community has a very good reputation and strong opinion–shaper effect. Within this community it is a great honor to be awarded. It gives us motivation and courage to show for other’s what we have achieved and implemented.  

TEG: Are you planning to apply for the award again in the future?

András Szoboszlay: Our participation on the TRANSLOG events has already 6 years history.  This was the first time when we applied for the Excellence Award. I hope next year we will have also a new and exciting project which is worth to take part in the competition.

TEG: Are you planning to attend TRANSLOG again next year?

András Szoboszlay: This was never a question for us! The TRANSLOG is the most important event in our congress calendar.

TEG: Is there anything you would like to add?

András Szoboszlay: I would like to thank you the distinguishing honor to give us this price.  I hope the participants of the event will find the project also interesting and innovative.


APPLY NOW for the 6th CEE Logistics & SCM Excellence Award!

If you think your solution is cutting-edge and should be recognized by the industry, apply for the 6th CEE Logistics & Supply Chain Management Excellence Award and put your business in the spotlight at the 8th TRANSLOG Connect Congress which will take place again in November in Budapest, Hungary.

Applications should be submitted by the 3rd of October 2018 and will be assessed by our highly renowned independent jury. If you have questions or queries please contact for more information:


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