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Interview with the award winner InterCLEAN at the 6th TRANSLOG Connect Congress

Interview with the award winner InterCLEAN at the 6th TRANSLOG Connect Congress

Interview with the award winner InterCLEAN 

In 2016 at TRANSLOG Connect InterCLEAN the Serbian company won the 4th CEE Logistics and Supply Chain Excellence Award in the manufacturer category!

The company producing household cleaning products –sponges, household wipes and clothes, and plastic cleaning products – brooms, brushes, buckets and mops for 20 years in its Serbian plant. Additionally they are specialized in the production of private brands and commercial trademarks and export their products to countries of Western and Eastern Europe.

To learn more about the award winning project we asked Vladimir Despotovic import and sales manager about the project which made them win the award:


TEG: Which challenges have you addressed in the project which won the award?

Vladimir Despotovic: The first challenge is how to find and book transportation of goods easily, without many phone calls and price negotiations in a short period of time (in a few hours).

TEG: What were the major achievements after the project had been implemented?

Vladimir Despotovic: Not only that you can save time, but you could save up to 30% on transportation costs using reverse auction on the spot B2B transport market (trucks, shipping containers and air cargo).

TEG: In your opinion how is the award supporting the developments of logistics in the CEE region?

Vladimir Despotovic: It is a good idea to support people to keep experimenting with various concepts. Disruption is coming from various directions: technology (e.g. blockchain), LogTech start-ups (e.g. Flexport, uShip, Convoy, Freightos etc.) and industry leaders (e.g. Amazon), so keep eyes open and procedures flexible enough for experiments with various ideas.

TEG: Which are the biggest challenges your department is currently facing? What type of new solutions or methods are you planning to introduce in your current and upcoming project?

Vladimir Despotovic: Small and medium enterprises are not very good with inventory management. A better understanding of Bullwhip effect, forecast errors, sales and operations planning could help us to decrease inventory. I will try to implement what I have learned through online edx MicroMasters Program in Supply Chain from MIT.

TEG: Are you planning to apply for the award again in the future?

Vladimir Despotovic: In case, I have any new whitepaper: regarding inventory management, further development of reverse auction for other companies or anything else, I will be glad to share my story with you.

TEG: Are you planning to attend TRANSLOG again next year?

Vladimir Despotovic: I think this is the best place to get feedback from industry professionals in the region, so I will keep asking questions next year. I am not sure if there is any similar service in Europe, like DAT RateView in the USA. This kind of exchange service about spot and contract truck prices should be the base for development of trucking derivatives.  In the case you know any similar service in Europe please inform me on .

Vladimir Despotovic held his presentation at the last day of the congress in front of the top logistics and supply chain management professionals and peers of the CEE region in a packed conference room.

TEG The Events Group - the organizer - is passionate about bringing together annually in November in Budapest the best representatives and innovators of the logistics and supply chain industry to create a valuable and engaged professional network in Central and Eastern Europe.


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