For the 6th time on 23-24 November 2016  
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TRANSLOG Connect Programme & Speakers


TRANSLOG Connect Congress 2016 will bring you an overview of the Central Eastern European market and the main trends and impacts on Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain Management. For speaking opportunities please contact Katy Säurich Operations & Production Manager at TEG or Tel: + 36 1 219-5725.


TRANSLOG 2016 speakers:

Opening Keynote Presentation: Digitalisation: Business opportunity or costs trap for CEE logistics?


Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kummer
  • Digitalisation in CEE Logistics 
  • Take IT or leave the business 
  • Find digital business opportunities 
  • Avoid cost traps

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kummer, Head of the Institute of Transport and Logistics, Vienna University of Economics and Business


Case Study Presentation: Are you brave enough to hear the answer…?

Dagmara Glowacka, Global Logistics Manager, Kongsberg Automotive


  • 1. What do you know about your organization?
  • 2. What don’t you know about your organization?
  • 3. What can you learn if you ask correct questions?
  • 4. What to do with this knowledge for organizational development?


Dagmara Glowacka, Global Logistics Manager,  Kongsberg Automotive


Case Study Presentation: How to reach a flexible logistics network based on recent case study from Beiersdorf?

Anna Sparty, Supply Chain Director CEE, Beiersdorf
  • Why we need flexible logistic network?
  • How to assure logistic network is flexible?
Anna Sparty, Supply Chain Director Eastern Europe, Beiersdorf


Case Study Presentation: Switching the focus from Operational Excellence to Customer Satisfaction” - Bits and Pieces: Enablers for doing it effectively and efficiently

Gabor Kiss, Head of Supply Chain, METRO


  • Participants of the Game
  • Setting the scene: Operational processes
  • Presenting the default set: Improving Logistics KPIs
  • Adding some complexities: Improving (Non-Logistics) Supply Chain KPIs
  • Hit the Conflict: Change the priorities from internal excellence to ultimate customer focus
  • How to optimize SC processes to manage increasing return rates and lead time pressure 
  • Make vol 2 better than the first one  


Gabor Kiss, Head of Supply Chain, METRO


Case Study Presentation: Supply Chain Risk Management –Vulnerability and Resilience in Logistics

Gökhan Çakmak, Global Logistics Director, Oriflame Cosmetics


  • Maintaining High Security Levels in a New Era of Risk by anticipating and measuring risk
  • Responding faster and more intelligently than the competition in the event of an operational or catastrophic disruption
  • How to incorporate resiliency into the Global Logistics sourcing strategy?
  • Exception-based Logistics management is the new normal


Gökhan Çakmak, Global Logistics Director, Oriflame Cosmetics 


Case Study Presentation: How to design the logistics network to get closer to the consumer?  

Alin Fetita, Executive Vice Chairman, Chimica Group


  • Getting closer to the consumer as competitive advantage for manufacturing
  • Logistic network & system development as key success factor for getting closer to the consumer
  • New paradigm in manufacturing: closer to the consumer or better value stream through logistic development

Alin Fetita, Executive Vice Chairman, Chimica Group


Case Study Presentation: Change in Distribution Set Up 

Andrzej Paszko, Head of Global Transport, TPV Technology Group - TP Vision - Distribution


  • Due to changing structure of orders and shorter lead time requests by customers
  • Due to internal and external pressure to work most operational and cost effective
  • FTL solution should be considered in wider perspective than up to now
  • New distribution network needs to be developed
  • How can solution providers support this process?


Andrzej Paszko, Head of Global Transport, TPV Technology Group - TP Vision - Distribution


Keynote Presentation: Full Truckload, what else? 

Ferenc Lajko, Deputy CEO, Waberer’s International


  • Waberer’s different business philosophy
  • Waberer’s slightly different business model
  • Visions, and what Waberer’s International had to do for reaching these visions
 Ferenc Lajkó, CEO, Waberer’s International Zrt.


Case Study Presentation“Supply the West from the East – exception or trend?”

Slawomir Blotny, Business Development Director, Raben Group


  • CEE based DCs supplying Western markets
  • Key drivers and advantages
  • Pros and cons
  • Case studies
  • Sustainability?

Slawomir Blotny, 

Business Development Director, Raben Group


Keynote Presentation: SCM – focus on core competencies / gain from synergies

Thomas Mayer, Head of Corporate Key Account Management, Gebrüder Weiss
  • Today’s challenges in supply chain management
  • How a Lead Logistics Provider concept can support reaching the targets
  • The Gebrüder Weiss solution model

Thomas Mayer, Head of Corporate Key Account Management, Corporate Sales, Gebrüder Weiss


Case Study Presentation: Supply Chains: Where to Find the Biggest, Fastest Transportation Savings

Arkadiusz Glinka, Director, C.H. Robinson

You will have to do some work to find savings in your supply chain. The question is, where should you focus your efforts to reap the biggest savings for the effort you’ll spend?

  • During this presentation, Arkadiusz Glinka, will show examples of the types of     optimisation that could apply to shipper’s annual transportation spend.
  • He will take you through why companies might take certain approaches to save cost, and provide a range for estimated savings that can be received by taking these steps.

Arkadiusz Glinka, Director of Transportation, Eastern Europe, C.H. Robinson



Panel Discussion: Risk Management and Agility in Logistics

  • Best practice examples of BCPs (business continuous plans) in logistics
  • Risk management with the focus on price volatility, deficiency of materials and avoidance of SC disruption

Gökhan Çakmak, Global Logistics Director, Oriflame Cosmetics

Miroslav Skorepa, Logistics & Customer Service Director EMEA, Bacardi

Stjepan Mršić, Director Production & Logistics, INA Maziva










Presentations of the Award Winners of the 4th CEE Logistics & SCM Excellence Award 

Applications should be submitted by October, 2016, and will be assessed by our highly renowned independent jury.

Further information click here




Pre - Event Programme – November 22nd  

2. Excursion to the Szentkirályi Mineral Water plant in Szentkirály 


Visitors of TRANSLOG 2016 will have the opportunity to get an inside look at the Szentkirályi Mineral Water plant and warehouse in Szentkirály, one day prior to the event, on the 22nd of November at 5:00 pm, limited for 50 delegates only and available on a first come first serve complimentary basis. In addition, the participants will have an opportunity to taste a selection of the famous Szentkirályi Mineral Water brand. 

Szentkirályi-Kékkúti Ásványvíz Ltd. is Hungary’s market leader mineral water and soft drink company which owns Szentkirályi, the most popular, and Theodora, the most traditional Hungarian mineral water brands. The company also bottles and distributes Nestlé Aquarel, and is the distributor of leading international brands as S. Pellegrino, Acqua Panna and Perrier.

The company’s Szentkirályi plant was founded in 1994 and has been developed intensively over the last ten years: in 2005 and 2007 two new PET lines were installed, in 2010 a new warehouse was built, in 2012 a high-capacity pre-form machine was put into operation and this year the water-treatment technology is being renewed. As a devoted manufacturer of top quality products, Szentkirályi pays special attention to product innovation. The company’s Szentkiralyi plant bottled 194 million litres of excellent quality Szentkiralyi and Emese mineral water products in 2015 and has 118 employees.

Transfer:  The bus will leave in front of the CORINTHIA Grand Hotel Royal on November 22nd at 3:30 pm and will return after the plant visit at approximately 8:00 pm.


Post - Event Programme – November 24th

1. Excursion to the Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Plant in Kecskemét

Mercedes Benz

Due to last year's overbookings, the congress again provides the opportunity to visit the Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Plant in Kecskemét on November 24th at 5:00 pm limited for 80 delegates only and available on a first come first serve complimentary basis. “Take a look behind the scenes and see how our cars are being made in line with our customers’ orders by means of cutting-edge technologies. During your visit to our production halls you will experience in person how Mercedes-Benz CLA and B-class cars are born, along with our third model, the CLA Shooting Brake, which was put on the market in 2015.”

Transfer: The bus will leave in front of the CORINTHIA Grand Hotel Royal on November 24th at 4:00 pm and will return after the plant visit at approximately 8:00 pm. 

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