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Interview with SECTRAN - Winner of the 3rd CEE Logistics & Supply Chain Management Excellence Award

Interview with SECTRAN - Winner of the  3rd CEE Logistics & Supply Chain Management Excellence Award

SECTRAN won the 3rd CEE Logistics and Supply Chain Management Excellence Award in the solution provider category at TRANSLOG Connect in 2015  the market leading cross-industrial business summit for transportation, logistics and supply chain management professionals in the Central Eastern European region.



To learn more about the award winning project, TEG the organiser of TRANSLOG Connect interviewed Tímea Garai the managing director and the main owner of SECTRAN

In the picture: Tímea Garai (on the right) after receiving the award at TRANSLOG 2015


TEG: Please introduce yourself; describe your position and your company’s portfolio.  

Tímea Garai:  I’ve been working for SECTRAN since June, 2012. Presently I’m the managing director and the main owner of the company, responsible for the creation and implementation of company's policy, strategy as well as business development. I am in charge of planning the budget, controlling the finances and manage the employees. My excellent management and back office team helps me in ensuring all business goals and objectives to be reached and supports me in improving our company's effectiveness continuously. 

SECTRAN Ltd., the exclusive service provider of DIDb (Driver Identification Database) system, offers an effective and cutting-edge solution to those market participants who have business interests in the supply chains all around the European Union. DIDb puts the emphasis on the drivers who are playing a key role in the success of transportation and thus aims to reduce significantly the risks and losses connected to them.   

The essence of DIDb system:

Þ     provision of database services about pre-screened and reliable drivers

Þ     cost-effective and preventive method that identifies the drivers prior to loading and checks their performance continuously

Þ     online and active “white list” growing dynamically since 2008 that presently controls the data and the ratings of 20,000 European drivers

Þ     deterring force due to zero tolerance for drivers’ abuses   

Þ     efficient and up-to-date information flow among the users without violating their business interests

Enjoy the benefits of DIDb system, save your goods by the simplest way and reduce your risks and losses by using the innovative and preventive solution of DIDb. 


TEG:  What was the innovation within your project which made you win the award? How did this contribute to your client’s success?

Tímea Garai:  Our unique solution of DIDb puts the emphasis on the drivers – who play a key role in the success of transportation – and thus aims to reduce significantly the risks and losses connected to them. This kind of approach in loss-decreasing is highly innovative in the supply chains and can contribute to the customer value in a unique way at all customers whose objective is to improve their KPIs and the quality of their transportation.  

DIDb can represent one of those effective and essential tools that are able to reduce significantly the driver related risks and losses that are connected to ground transportation. The DIDb system is predestined to be a beneficial and highly cost-efficient part of the security transportation.


TEG:  In your opinion, how is the project supporting the developments of logistics in the CEE region?

Tímea Garai:  All participants playing an active role in the logistics and the supply chains agree that there are significant problems in the ground transportation which we are forced to face. It can be definitely stated that among these problems the drivers represent one of the major challenges connected to the human factor that have been waiting to be solved for long ages. The problem of driver shortage leads to the fact that the risk of human factor in the supply chains is ever increasing – no time to check the private and professional background of the drivers, less chance to select among them – resulting in the increase of degraded and low-qualified drivers who cause much more losses to the cargo owners.

Other problem is that in case a driver’s involvement in an incident has been proven, probably he will be dismissed by the carrier and also will be banned from the site(s) of the manufacturer or cargo owner appearing on its internal blacklist. It is important to note that the creation and sharing of blacklists is illegal in most European countries; it is prohibited by the data protection and privacy laws. On the other hand internal blacklists are not effective, because they are not shared among the participants in the supply chains so it is not difficult for drivers involved in crime actions to soon be employed by another carrier that is completely unaware of the driver’s previous employment history. 

Summarizing these challenges we should say that each transport is similar to a kind of “Russian roulette” game. There is a good chance that the goods reach their destination but there is always a certain level of danger and risk left to suffer losses during the transportation. It is highly recommended to all participants having business interests in the supply chains not to take unnecessary risks and to save their high value or sensitive goods by as many preventive solutions as possible especially by those ones that show good results compared their costs.

I think that DIDb represents a highly cost-effective tool in reducing the risks and losses that caused by the drivers.


TEG:  How do you think the recognition is helping you to raise your brand awareness further? 

Tímea Garai:  The award is highly appreciated by us, we are very pleased and proud to win this award, specially that we competed with “big guns” in the service provider category. We will put emphasis on drawing our customer’s attention to the award and also use as a great marketing tool in quotations and company profile, website etc.


TEG: Are you planning to apply for the award again in the future?  

Tímea Garai:  Just in case we will have a new product to sell.



APPLY NOW for the 4th CEE Logistics & SCM Excellence Award


If you think your solution is cutting-edge and should be recognised by the industry, apply now for the 

4th CEE Logistics & Supply Chain Management Excellence Award and put your business in the spotlight at the 6th TRANSLOG Connect Congress which will take place again at 5* Corinthia Hotel in Budapest, Hungary on 23-24 November 2016

Applications should be submitted by the 1st of October 2016 and will be assessed by our highly renowned independent jury.


For further information please visit our website or contact:


Katy Säurich, Head of Production & Operations at TEG 

Tel: +36 1 219 5725



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