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TRANSLOG Connect Congress - TRANSLOG Connect Programme
TRANSLOG Connect Programme

TRANSLOG Connect Congress 2012 Programme:

Day 1

Chairman’s Opening Address & Keynote Speech
Fit for Turbulent Times – How to increase Supply Chain Flexibility?

  • Why companies need Supply Chain Flexibility
  • How to design flexible supply chains
  • Supply Chain Flexibility measures
  • Case Study

Prof. Dr. habil. Sebastian Kummer, Head of the Institute of Transport and Logistics, Vienna University of Economics and Business and Board Member of the Austrian Logistics Association (BVL) 

Client Case Study Presentation
Global, Regional & Local Supply Chains - Does LSP Size Matter?

• Examples of different supply chain models, incl. a case study about Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems (BMTS)
• Staying up-to-date with the different supply chain trends is a challenge for the logistics industry
• Size and scale are important, however size alone doesn’t assure an agile supply chain
• How does sustainability fit into the size discussion?
• Price driven logistics procurement vs. partnership
• A special approach for ultra low margins to guarantee cost savings

Chaim Huijsman, Head of Corporate Sales, Gebrüder Weiss


Case Study Presentation
Managing Supply Chain through Processes

  • Anarchy or Bureaucracy in organisations, SCM operations
  • Managing S&OP processes, driving balance
  • Process efficiency, improving communication & avoiding duplication

Cristian Kalve, Head of Logistics Operations and Global S&OP Process and Development, Ensto Group, Estonia and Member of the Estonian Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Association (PROLOG)


Case Study Presentation
The New Delivery Strategy at TP Vision (former Philips TV business group)

• Re-design of the warehouse and transportation footprint to optimise the Supply Chain
• Additional saving potentials due to cross-boarder distribution and an automated order process with no manual interaction
• Lessons learnt

Rogier van Zon, Director Global Warehousing & Distribution, TP Vision - former Philips TV business group


Case Study Presentation
Changing the Thinking and Handling from Functional Controlled Methods to Process Thinking

  • Process definition and process map
  • Difference of processes creation for serial, single-part and sample production
  • Visual demonstration of a process - Guideline for process descriptions by using the turtle chart method
  • How to communicate the processes in a functional management environment
  • Measuring of processes, efficiency - Practice of a balance scorecard

Timea Orovicz-Molnar, Logistics Director, Poppe + Potthoff & Member of the Hungarian Logistics Association

Case Study Presentation
Collaborative Reengineering Plan for the Optimum Supply Chain Organisation and for Cost Reduction

• Presentation of Auchan and the organisation Supply ChainAuchan Hongrie
• Objectives of the reengineering plan
• Working method together with the service providers
• Final results and lessons learnt

Péter Boncsér, Distribution and Logistics Director, Auchan

Panel Discussion
How to Optimise the Contractual Partnership with LSPs and Carriers?
How to Do it Right and How to Create the Contracts Accordingly?

• How to find the best partners?
• Which services should be included?
• Price negotiations and duration of the contract?
• How to manage that the duration of contractual agreementsare getting shorter?
• How to create a win-win situation for both parties?
• Changes in outsourcing / partnership – How to find the right balance?

László Lovassy, Logistics Manager Europe, Chevrolet Europe
László Urbányi, Managing Director, Rába Automotive Components Manufacturing
Marcin Rydel, International Transportation Manager & Sebastian Kaluzny, Country Transportation Manager, Benteler Distribution Poland

Innovation in Supply Chain

  • Innovation milestones and their impact on logistics and Supply Chain
  • Better service for the customers, reducing costs and adding value for the organization
  • Overview of the major innovations over the last years and of the challenges in the years to come

Jos Marinus, President, European Logistics Association (ELA) & former Worldwide Logistics Network Leader Water Division, DANONE


Cocktail Reception

Welcome Speech by Wolfgang Kubesch, General Manager, BVL Austria & Jos Marinus, President, European Logistics Association (ELA) and former Worldwide Logistics Leader Water Division, DANONE

Day 2

Chairman’s Opening Address & Keynote Presentation
The Logistics Market and its Development in CEE and Trends of Global Logistics Market

  • Optimism Index for the logistics industry in Poland for 2010-2012
  • The key factors of customer satisfaction – changing during 2010-2012
  • The big players in Logistics Industry and their potential (2010-2012)
  • Trends in Global Logistics Market

Prof. Dr. Halina Brdulak, Chief of the Department of International Transport and Logistics, Warsaw School of Economics & Advisor of the Polish President of LLP – DB Schenker Logistics


Client Case Study Presentation
Port of Rotterdam - Partner in Supply Chain Excellence

• The Port & Port Vision 2030
• Intermodal developments
• Rotterdam as gateway to Europe
• Rail transportation out of shipper’s perspective

Emile Hoogsteden, Director Containers, Breakbulk and Logistics, Port of Rotterdam


Case Study Presentation
Transportation Network Optimisation

  • Data collection as a start of any improvement project and packaging review
  • Usage of IT solutions in Network modelling
  • Origin Base Network
  • Continuous improvement of the logistics network

Andrzej Michalak, Logistics Operations Manager - Eastern Europe, Turkey & Russia, Delphi

Case Study Presentation
How to Assure a Flexible Supply Chain & High Reaction Rate? – Flexible & Fast SCM vs. Precise Forecasting

• Old FMCG planning and execution model: Accurate forecasts and safety stock levels
• Consumption trend of the last 3 years: Price sensitive demand
• New FMCG planning and execution model: Increased supply flexibility & demand shaping
• How to implement the new model: changing rules of business with suppliers, production facilities, logistics providers and key customers

Miguel Suarez, Director of Supply Chain Centre of Business Excellence, Swarovski

Panel Discussion
Complexity Management = Complexity Reduction?

Harmonization of sales & distribution and production & logistics channels to increase the efficiency and the flexibility of the Supply Chain

Miguel Suarez, Supply Chain Director CEE, SEE, Russia & Turkey, KOTÁNYI
Zoran Kovic, Logistics Director, Dukat
Pascal Männche, Senior Vice President Logistics, Deutz

Rail Fleet Management System Project (RFMS) - A unique Rail Car Tracking & Tracing System to Optimise the MOL Group Rail Transportation

  • The MOL Group Rail transport activity in 12 CEE core markets & around Europe
  • Introduction of the RFMS project - Scope, concept & rail transportation process
  • Participating organisations and their cooperation
  • How we track & trace our Rail Tank Cars (RTC)?
  • Lessons learnt, short-term optimisation results, expected benefits & further opportunities

Severin Göbl, Senior Manager, Group Logistics – Rail & Barge Transportation Management CEE, MOL Group
István Molnár, Rail & Barge Capacity & Fleet Manager, MOL Group


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