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Media Partners

The media partnership for the TRANSLOG Connect Congress is currently being finalized. If you are interested in media partnership opportunities or have questions or feedback we can say or use in the finalization process please contact us on:

Tel: +36 1 219 57 25

Fax: + 36 1 219 57 26


PMR is a publishing, consulting and market research company providing reliable information, advice and services to international businesses interested in Central and Eastern Europe countries as well as other emerging markets.

PMR Publications is a division of PMR ( a publishing, consulting and market research company providing information, advice and services to international businesses interested in Central and Eastern Europe as well as other emerging markets. Being present on the market since 1995, employing highly skilled professionals, PMR is one of the largest companies of its type in the region. Beyond PMR Publications, PMR has two other divisions, PMR Consulting ( and PMR Research (, offering a wide range of consulting and market research services.



Conferences and Exhibitions Conferences and Exhibitions is a trade show directory and calendar listing with more than 80,000 trade shows, conferences and venues worldwide. The directory also includes information of over 150,000 exhibitors, agendas and tracks, registrations, floor plans and keynote speakers. was launched on February 2009, since then it became one of the largest event calendars in the world with more than 500,000 visitors each month from 120 countries and 5 continents.

The website UI is translated to 8 languages - reaching 75% of the internet Users in their native language (including: Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Russian)

Get all the latest updates from your industry's events.

Transportweekly Transportweekly

International and national transport business media. Regular updates and analytical information on the development of transportation and supply chain market, covering events, expert opinion, freight rates trends and more.

Company portfolio includes:
International Magazines: Transportweekly International, Transport Trade Herald, Komerctransports
Regional Newspapers: Transportweekly Russia

International: ph.: +371 29116493
fax: +371(6) 7299669
E-Mail: Info
E-Mail: Market


Supply Chain Monitor Supply Chain Monitor

Supply Chain Monitor the leading Hungarian specialized trade magazine covers all those issues which are the most actual trends in Hungary and in the EU. The magazine focuses on supply chain and logistics professionals and reflects the strategies and practices reshaping this sector. Each issue addresses critical concerns for the supply chain including warehousing, material handling, transportation, distribution, information technology, global logistics ... 

Supply Chain Monitor informs industry, manufacturing and distribution executives as well as front line logistics experts on strategies, leading tendencies and best practices to achieve common goals.

This is a broad based publication designed to cover a wide variety of industry segments including electronics, textiles, paper, chemicals, FMCG to name a few. This way the magazine can reach Hungary’s large and medium size companies. 

Circulation: 10 000 copies go 100 percent to the corporate and operations management, traffic, logistics, distribution, warehousing as well as purchasing decision makers of large and medium size companies in Hungary. 

The magazine covers all products and services from the supply chain perspective and our targeted editorial talks directly to professionals working in this field. We write about a wide range of hot issues from global supply chain solutions through transportation to material handling, warehouse construction, warehousing techniques and IT…

Gy??rt??strend Magazine Gy??rt??strend Magazine

Gyártástrend Magazine is the leading specialist publisher within the industrial-technological market in Hungary. We belong to Professional Publishing Hungary Ltd., which is one of the leading Hungarian specialist publishers with its family of 15 specialist publications. It has gained market leading position regarding publications in the areas of industrial technologie, medical, media/marketing, food trade, gastronomy and tourism.

Our aim is to provide first hand information of the latest Hungarian and international technological developments to engineers working for Hungarian industrial companies, teachers and stu­dents in the technical higher education and experts interested in techni­cal and industrial novelties. Month by month the magazine helps them obtain information on the technical-technological possibilities of the dif­ferent industrial areas and the expectable Hungarian investment, business and technical consequences of the international trends by offering indus­trial background analyses and case studies of specific companies. It is the goal and professional principle of GyártásTrend industrial-technological magazine to offer objective and authentic coverage of the events that de­termine the various industries and the impacts of these events. During our work we aspire to provide a forum for experts who are determining personalities of their trade and knowledgeable analysts of the technologi­cal-economic processes occurring in the various industries.

Lostictics Business Magezine Lostictics Business Magezine


Supply & Demand Chain Executive is the executive's user manual for
successful supply chain transformation, utilizing hard-hitting analysis,
viewpoints and unbiased case studies to steer executives and supply
management professionals through the complicated, yet critical, world of
supply and demand chain enablement to gain competitive advantage. On the Web

Transpack Transpack

Supply Chain Brain Supply Chain Brain

SupplyChainBrain is the world’s most comprehensive information resource for supply chain news, intelligence, strategy and innovation. In addition to addressing the fundamental principles of supply-chain management, SupplyChainBrain identifies emerging trends, technologies and best practices, forward thinking ideas and cutting-edge solutions-and continues to write and report about these as they evolve and mature. 

SupplyChainBrain targets the high-level executive, who is concerned with such strategic issues as managing risk, aligning the supply chain with corporate planning, achieving competitive advantage, balancing customer demands with the need to control cost, and improving the bottom line. Collectively, the highly experienced SupplyChainBrain editorial staff has spent more than a century researching, analyzing, writing and reporting about issues and applications related to logistics and the supply chain. It is this level of expertise combined with that of our many respected content partners that drives the information we present through our web site, blogs, newsletters, video casts, webinars, business networks and magazine.

Freightbook Freightbook

Freightbook is an online freight forwarder directory designed to provide company owners with a powerful global advertising platform, with many added benefits including the FB Index, which is an invaluable resource sent monthly to all Freightbook advertisers. Full registration costs GB £50 per year.

Privatbahn Privatbahn

The Privatbahn Magazin reports on trends and developments of the railway industry. Permanent categories are:
Railway companies, technology, research, logistics, international issues and career.

Backgrounds, reportages, analyses – the Privatbahn Magazin (PriMa) is the modern business magazine of the railway industry on the way to the logistics-era. Apart from the presentation of innovative companies from the fields of industry, logistics and transportation the Privatbahn Magazin extensively reports on the developments of the carrier ‘railway’.

Regular interviews with decision makers, news on the latest trends in the fields of logistics, research, technology, economy and transportation policies as well as excurses concerning the history of railway transportation are all aimed towards experienced readers as well as interested laities.

The European Edition is the English version of the Privatbahn Magazin and aims to address the international railway industry.

Visit us at and

Frequency: every other month, six issues per annum

GoingToMeet GoingToMeet is an efficient guide to the most relevant and  recent global conferences and events.  Linking you to the event's website allowing you to register, contact event organizer and plan your attendance to gain maximum experience while in attendance. As a subscriber you can also receive regular conference update in your chosen category. 

Business Review Europe Business Review Europe

Business Review Europe is a pioneering digital media site for business professionals and executives across the continent. Business Review Europe covers solutions that enable global businesses to improve the way they manage their operations, technology, finances and management. Through its digital magazine, online website, daily news and weekly e-newsletter, Business Review Europe helps executives stay up-to-date with the most important issues in the demanding and ever more competitive European business scene.


View the latest issue of Business Review Europe Magazine online at

eSupplyChain eSupplyChain is the partner of professionals in logistics for developing sustainable partnerships and long term collaboration networks.  This represents:

      A working tool for the professionals in logistics;

      A marketing and advertising tool for the providers of products, equipments and services used in logistics field;

      An information  concentrator for solving the JIT problems

      A communication platform for professionals

Esupplychain is a super-specialised portal, providing information within the logistic field and for the logistic field. 


Logistic products and services solicitors

Logistic Operators, Transporters, Couriers, Logistic Projects Developers

Dealers and other sellers of motor vehicles and spare parts, equipments providers: shelves, forklifts, and any other elements part of the necessary endowment for a good course of logistic activities

Software Suppliers

Training and consultancy providers for this field

Field professionals looking for new opportunities and challenges for a career in logistics 


 Actuality, Immediate availability, Reference documentation, Transparency, Simple utilisation


Providers categories

Transports, Logistic operators, Project developers, Equipments providers, Software providers, Maintenance providers, Vehicles and spare parts,  Training and consultancy providers.


What is requested/offered?

Partial or total warehousing capacities, new or used available equipments, partial or complete transport capacities, partial or integral logistic projects, new or used motor vehicles, under financing contracts or completely paid for,  limited duration construction equipments,  are only a part of the products and services available within the Markets.

A separate category within this section is logistic jobs market. The lack of field professionals is more and more acute. A space where you can present adds for this field and a space visited only by specialists in this field is a benefic opportunity for both parties. 

Specialist's corner

Specialised information includes:

Legislation, Useful addresses, Event, Article, News, Job descriptions for logistic field, Logistic terms glossary

This portal will contain in time everything that the sponsors and users wish to find. It is a practical platform connected to theoretical judgement, new and modern technologies, information generator and field specialists for developing real life performance.





Truck-Business Truck-Business

TRUCK & BUSINESS© is a specialised business-to-business magazine covering business strategy in truck transport in the Czech Republic. It is especially targeted at the executive and top managers of transportation companies and haulage contractors who face the challenge of managing their companies efficiently and those who decide future development. Suppliers to the transport companies make up the other major target group of the magazine. Trucks & Business aims to help the managerial staff of both the transport and supply sector to orientate themselves around new trends in the industry, to seek out new reserves in efficiency, to inspire and focus on new topics in their business and, finally, to establish a communication platform between customers and their suppliers. Trucks & Business is a Czech edition of the European magazine of the same name published by MMM Group  of Belgium. The Czech edition of the magazine is closely affiliated to the Slovak edition (joint venture  project).

Supply Chain Digital Supply Chain Digital

Supply Chain Digital is a pioneering digital media site for Supply Chain professionals and executives responsible for all aspects of managing this environment. Supply Chain Digital covers solutions that enable global businesses to improve the way they manage their supply chains, transport, distribution and purchasing. Through its digital magazine, online website, daily news and weekly e-newsletter, Supply Chain Digital helps executives stay up-to-date with the most important issues in this demanding and ever more competitive global business sector.

View the latest issue of Energy Digital Magazine online at

Logisticky Monitor Logisticky Monitor


The modern world is shrinking. The business has exceeded as far back as the last century the boundaries of regions and has become the global affair. There is no problem to produce something, but it is problem to place the product in the market, and then sell it.  The producers and dealers search the sale all round the world.

In such atmosphere it is permanently significant to transfer the information, semiproducts, products, services and human labour from the places of their occurrence to the places of their use/exploitation.  This is the subject of activities, that we called by the common name LOGISTICS. The logistic has still more influenced and changed the production, business and our life in general.

To support those people, who realize the need of this activity’s development, also the teachers and students in this branch we want to monitor the available logistics’ information.

The target of this project is the information’s collection from the logistics’ field and their arrangement. We also want to provide the place for the authors’ information and contributions, and for discussion.

The target group is the workers, who carry on the logistics activities in practice, education staffers, students, production’s sphere workers who are dealing with the products distribution etc.


The monitor has a form of electronic information, which are spread out via internet network. The Colspedia ltd. Company provides organizational background of this project.

The logistic monitor is an open project, so you can also participate in it.


A TRANZIT Az üzleti élet, a gazdaság és a logisztika szakmai lapja 12 éve a honi üzleti élet résztvevőinek szól, akik cégük működése, fejlődése és piacszerzése érdekében naponta döntéseket hoznak, profitot termelnek, új partneri kapcsolatokat keresnek, szállítmányoznak, illetve szállítmányoztatnak földön, vízen vagy levegőben. Lapunkat az az általános igény hívta életre, hogy egy alapos, pontos, átfogó szakmai információkat nyújtó tájékoztató orgánumként megbízható és hatékony segítője legyen mindazoknak, akik valamilyen módon érintettek az említett területeken.

Olvasóközönségünk bázisát a fuvarozó, szállítmányozó szakma képviselői alkotják, ugyanakkor címlistánk a teljes háttéripart (gyártás, kereskedelem, informatika, elektronika, pénzügyi, logisztikai, hírközlési szolgáltatások, fuvarozás  és szállítmányozás, raktár ill. raktártechnika stb.) lefedi.

Alapvető célunk, hogy közvetítő- és katalizátorszerepet felvállalva segítsük szolgáltatók és vevők, azaz üzleti partnerek kapcsolatfelvételét, sikeres (együtt)működését. A TRANZIT, mint médium, a szó legszorosabb értelmében közvetít a felek között, s széles nyilvánosságnak örvendő, színvonalas és megbízható fórumot biztosít a gazdasági, üzleti és szakmai információk áramlásához, cseréjéhez.

Tevékenységünk legfőbb előnye, hogy lapunkat – folyamatosan bővülő, napi rendszerességgel karbantartott, kontrollálható címlistánk alapján – az üzleti szférában mozgó, döntési pozícióban lévő cégvezetőkhöz juttatjuk el – az információ tehát oda áramlik, ahol valóban szükség van rá, ahol hatékony, operatív segítséget nyújthat, így haszonnal forgathatják. 

TRANZIT Az üzleti élet, a gazdaság és a logisztika szakmai lapja évek óta a szakszerű és népszerű folyóirat, mert:

  • Színes szaklap
  • Szakirányú olvasókörrel
  • Változatos rovatokkal
  • Igényes mondanivalóval
  • Aktuális tartalommal
  • Nívós kivitelben
  • Átgondolt laptervvel
  • Elismert szakemberek publikációival
  • Mérsékelt hirdetési árakkal
  •  Postai (névre szólóan) terjesztve
Project Cargo Network Project Cargo Network

Project Cargo Network (PCN) is an organisation established to provide a networking platform for the world’s top project cargo specialists, who want to increase their business by either referring one another or doing business directly with one another. To ensure that we recruit and promote the top specialists in our industry, PCN is only open to forwarders who have proven expertise and experience in handling full blown project cargo/heavy lift shipments.

Universal Freight Organisation Universal Freight Organisation

Universal Freight Organisation (UFO) was established in January 2000 so that privately owned freight forwarding companies could form partnerships on an international scale, whilst working in accordance with our strict Code of Conduct.
Today, the UFO is an ISO 9001:2000 certified network of 120+ freight forwarders located in 105+ countries.

With over 95,000 shipments handled every month, we offer clients the personal local service and flexibility that only privately-owned forwarders can, whilst benefiting from being electronically connected to a network covering over 840 air and sea ports.

Please visit for more details.

RZD - Partner RZD - Partner

The RZD-Partner is the leading transport business edition in Russia. The main objective of the magazine is to meet the information needs of transport market players and guide the readers through the major events and trends of the sector. A wide range of issues of transport branch functioning in Russia, the CIS and the Baltic States is discussed in the RZD-Partner magazine with an emphasis on railway cargo transportation.




Supplier Business Supplier Business

SupplierBusiness is a business research company focused on automotive supply base issues. We provide the most comprehensive coverage of the global automotive supplier community, adding between twenty and thirty original stories to our archives on developments every week. All editorial coverage is originally researched by SupplierBusiness, and most appears exclusively in SupplierBusiness' weekly Insight or monthly Analysis newsletters, both of which are published both on this website and in PDF format. In addition to these subscription products, we also publish and compile reports and databases on the global supply base.

Baltic Transport Journal Baltic Transport Journal

Baltic Transport Journal is an international printed magazine focused on transport in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) with its 9 countries: Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania. The magazines tackles all transport aspects within the logistics chain: maritime - rail - road - aviation - inland shipping - project logistics - warehousing - distribution, etc. BTJ delivers credible information and professional market analysis. BTJ also enhances business among partners within the region and promotes the BSR companies throughout the world organizing its own free to attend seminars connecting partners from various countries and supply chain parts. BTJ is the official media partner of the Baltic Ports Organization, TransBaltic and East West Transport Corridor II EU Projects.

Polish Transport Gazette Polish Transport Gazette

The "Polish Transport Gazette” is a weekly magazine that professionally informs on the key events and issues related to logistics, forwarding, and transport in Poland and abroad. The Gazette covers all branches of transportation – road, railway, air, maritime and inland, as well as logistics, forwarding, and warehousing. The Gazette covers topics about the sector in its economic, trading, legal, organizational, and technical aspects. It informs about new regulations and haulage, customs, and tax requirements in domestic and international cargo traffic. Moreover it covers the latest trends in logistics, transport safety, technologies, projects and computer programs. Thanks to that the magazine supports the exchange of knowledge and experiences between freights offering companies, logistical operators, forwarders, and transport companies. A wide presentation of opinions and views, interviews and discussions held with managers and animators of Polish and international logistics as well as with the country’s co-decision-makers influencing the development of the sector ensure a broad, opinion-forming character of the “Polish Transport Gazette”.

We also publish Auto Transport, a monthly magazine for everyone who is involved in road transportation. For owners and users of delivery vehicles, commercial trucks, and buses. For those who want to know what goes on in this sector.

Ukrologistica Ukrologistica


2-a Vasilkovskaya Str., Office 52, Kiev, 03040, Ukraine

Tel./Fax: (044) 257-8565, e-mail:

DISTRIBUTION AND LOGISTICS - is the All-Ukrainian information and analytical magazine covering optimization of logistical processes at all steps of production, distribution and marketing.

Based on hands-on solutions of leading Ukrainian companies and analyzing foreign experience of constructing logistical and distribution systems applicable to Ukrainian market, DISTRIBUTION AND LOGISTICS studies topical issues of Ukrainian logistics development in the context of its interaction with major production processes – planning, marketing, and distribution.

Logportal Logportal

Valenmar S.L. Valenmar S.L.

Valenmar S. L. is a Spanish publishing group focussed on transport, traffic, port management, logistics and international trade. With a wide experience in specialised information our editorial has consolidated its presence in these sectors with diversified products in contents and supports, but always aimed at a common goal: provide added value to the work of companies, contributing to improve their knowledge of environment and therefore promoting their competitiveness, with the publications of news, articles, reports, etc. on services and activities performed to favour, increase and enhance international trade.

Among our publications you may find (, our specialized digital newspaper, with over 16 millions visits last year; Valencia Marítima, our daily newspaper with over 2.000 issues distributed among companies in the east coast of Spain; and Foro International, our monthly and bilingual (English-Spanish) magazine dedicated to exhibitions, congresses, events and news of general interest for international transport and foreign trade sectors.

Valenmar, S. L.
J. J. Dómine, 5-1
Tel. 0034-963164515

Ship2Shore Ship2Shore

Ship2Shore is the b2b weekly on-line magazine dealing with shipping, ports, transport and logistics. Being circulated to over 10,000 professional readers and firms in the sector, it is the most proper communication means for companies interested in getting up-to-dated and/or investing in Italy and in the Mediterranean area.

The readers, once registered (free of charge), receive at their e-mail box every week a newsletter with the titles of the published articles; by clicking on one of them and linking to the website, they can read the full magazine (only in Italian) and/or each single article (Italian/English) in PDF or Html format. After a 3-weeks trial time a modest annual subscription fee is requested.
Ship2Shore offers large and qualified visibility through several advertising options by means of Newsletter, Magazine and Website where companies can show their logo and/or messages.


TruckMarket TruckMarket

Since 1997, the advertisement magazine TruckMarket has
been published in Germany and abroad, giving you an
overview of current offers of used commercial vehicles
(trailers, lorries, construction vehicles, etc.) every 14 days.

Logistik-Express Logistik-Express

Print- and online-magazine for logistics

Logistic express is the Austrian magazine for logistics and reports about the branch as well as major customers and suppliers. Containing more than 15,000 articles at the online-platform Logistic express is one of the most considerable sources of information in the whole German-speaking area. Updating our news twice a day and publishing forwarded press-releases once a week comes naturally, before we send our newsletter to our more than 3,500 recipients. Creating one of our four yearly print-editions we do pay attention to give a general view of logistics. Our readers belong to decision-makers from industry, commerce, transports and logistics. We publish exciting stories to ponder,   think-along and mastermind and report about energy, environment, traffic, techniques, quality, optimization of service and processes, intra logistics, transport logistics and purchase as well as companies and markets, leading figures, career and events regularly.


LogEASTics LogEASTics LogEASTics

The “Österreichische Verkehrszeitung” and “LogEASTics” are professional journals for the world of transport and logistics that appears weekly.
It is distributed exclusively to subscribers. The intention of our editorial office is to accommodate our readership weekly with the most current information about the international transport- and logistic scene. Its content is aligned multimodal, which means it covers all carriers (road, rail, inland waterway, off-shore transport, aviation).
In distinction to domestic and foreign competitors “LogEASTics” and “Österreichische Verkehrszeitung” illuminates in its contributions also the logistical needs and requirements of forwarding economy (companies out of industry, retail, trade and services). Due to this arrangement our publication was positioned between the actors of transport and their clients as connector successfully and therewith enlarged the readership to the forwarding economy as well.
For service providers of the transport and logistics industry, this is an opportunity to reach their target group – forwarders – directly by using an insertion in “LogEASTics” and “Österreichsche Verkehrszeitung”.

Logistika Logistika Logistika

Bulgarian Transport Press Ltd. is the leading Bulgarian publisher specialized in the field of transport, freight forwarding, logistics, and commercial vehicles. Our portfolio consists of the following publications:

-          LOGISTIKA magazine - monthly;


-          KAMIONI  magazine - monthly;

-          CONSTRUCTION MACHINES magazine - 6 issues per year;

-          VANOVE magazine - 4 issues per year;

-          BUSES - monthly;

-          Official Directory WHO IS WHO IN TRANSPORT AND FREIGHT FORWARDING IN BULGARIA - once per year.

LOGISTIKA magazine– the Bulgarian logistics magazine aims at connecting the logistic service providers to their clients as well as at presenting the current trends in the world economy and the management of material resources together with the information, transport and financial flows related to it.

LOGISTIKA magazine covers wide range of aspects in logistics, supply chain management, storage and distribution, transport and freight forwarding, management and optimization, packaging and handling, information services and quality control, warehousing technology and telematics, logistics theory and practice, offering news and articles, thematic overviews and analyses, interviews and product or company presentation, events on the Bulgarian and international logistics market, information on Bulgarian and foreign legislation regarding the logistics field etc.


LOGISTIK HEUTE is the leading professional logistics magazine in Germany aiming at decision makers from industry, retail and service providers. It is an essential source of information which presents new concepts and products as well as current trends along the whole supply chain. For more information visit the website or e-mail



The leading big management magazine for logistics, business, supply-chain-management, procurement, technology + IT

Published monthly (10 editions); 3rd year, RS Verlag GmbH, Vienna

Adverting| Publisher:

Mag. (FH) Katrin Reisinger, phone +43 (0)664 2811757, fax +43 (0)1 3100700-600 


Editorial Department | Publisher:
Editor-in-chief: Hans-Joachim Schlobach, Tel. +43 (0)676 4331493
E-Mail:  Fax +43 (0)1 3100700-600 

Subscription on request EUR 45,- / outside Austria: EUR 75,-

Tel.: +43 (0)1 3100700-100 | |
Licenser and brand proprietor: GmbH, Vienna

Supply Chain Movement Supply Chain Movement

Supply Chain Movement, a publication of Supply Chain Media, is the leading magazine in Europe about and for decision makers in the international supply chain of physical goods.

The editorial content strongly focuses on all aspects related to matching supply and demand throughout the entire supply chain. Each issue features the following content:
• Cover interview with a supply chain director
• Extensive management article(s)
• Opinion article and columns by thought provoking leaders
• News & background
• Facts & figures from survey reports
• Tools & technology about new supply chain products and services
• Case studies
• Analists opinions
• Book reviews 

Supply Chain Movement is published 4 times per year in print and is available on the iPad.

With its own LinkedIn group Supply Chain Movement has the largest online discussion platform in English.

With the SCM Update Europe subscribers receive a free e-mail newsletter monthly with inspirational content.

The magazine is read by high-level decision makers within large and medium-sized companies, management in third party logistics companies, supply chain professors, consultants, service providers, IT vendors and warehouse equipment companies. 

Supply Chain Movement is a platform for the exchange of up-to-date knowledge and information obtained from reliable sources around the world.

Railway PRO Railway PRO

Railway PRO is the premier railway business magazine in the Wider Black Sea Area (WBSA) focusing on providing high-value insights on the railway business environment and the major factors that shape it. All the data, researches, special analysis and news deliver strategic information for the decision making process of top management professionals in railways and connected sectors.

JCtrans JCtrans

JCtrans is the most famous domestic logistics integrated portals in China. Relying on electronic commerce and web-based platform, JCtrans, since founded, makes advantage of e-market, accounts settlement on line, logistics and finance on line, and credit system, which are a series of diversify online services to integrate resources on logistics and trade area domestically and overseas.

Concentrating on global suppliers and trader resources, JCtrans has owned more than 1 million clients and more than hundred thousands suppliers. Everyday, more than 10 thousands logistic enterprises release freight, bid invitation, agent information and other related information. All kinds of logistic suppliers could find their market because of characteristic logistic classification, which also benefit traders.

As the most famous portals, JCtrans launched the first credit standard “China Credit Pass” for domestic agents, “Global Credit Pass” for overseas agents, and the first communication tool “Logistic Messenger” on logistics area.

JCtrans is establishing a concentrated purchasing channel, an e-marketing channel between traders and logistic suppliers, also a cooperated purchasing channel for logistics purchasers, and will be the most influential logistics media.

Media Partners
JCtransRZD - PartnerTruck-BusinessPolish Transport GazetteSupply Chain MonitorShip2ShoreBUSINESS+LOGISTICeSupplyChain PMRSDCEProject Cargo NetworkTranspackTransportweeklyPrivatbahnLogistik-ExpressValenmar S.L.UkrologisticaGoingToMeetFreightbookRailway PRO LogportalTruckMarketLogisticky MonitorGy??rt??strend MagazineSupplier BusinessTransport.skConferences and ExhibitionsUniversal Freight Organisation LogistikaTRANZITLostictics Business MagezineSupply Chain BrainBusiness Review EuropeLOGISTIK HEUTE LogEASTicsSupply Chain DigitalSupply Chain Movement TRANSPORT a LOGISTIKA' Baltic Transport Journal
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